Frequently Asked Questions

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We currently don't take or accept EBT/SNAP as a form of payment on our website. We do however offer a service called Shop2Box.



SHOP-2-BOX adds convenience to your shopping experience and allows you to customize and tailor your package according to your loved ones needs and wants. It allows you to personalize you package and add items that you would otherwise not find on Kare Krate.  The coolest aspect of SHOP-2-BOX is that it lets you enjoy sales directly through independent retailers, use Coupons and shop with any form of payment the retailer accepts including EBT. Your only cost to use this service is a low cost Flat Rate service fee of $35. This fee take cares of packing materials, gas and the fee we pay to our Boxers.



Pretty quick! Our order processing time is 2 days. Once your order is processed it is prepared for shipment. Because we only service and ship within NY state, the majority of our orders once shipped make it to the destination the next day. Average transit time in all is 1-2 days.

No. We ship Monday-Wednesday. We ship for maximum freshness. We want your item to be delivered within the week. It is our goal that your package won't be sitting somewhere over the weekend unopened.

All of our refrigerated products are shipped and leave our facilty frozen. We pack them in thermal packaging with dry ice. It's important to note that we package the items to hold for 2-days Max. All boxes which include perishables are clearly labeled to alert your facility of the contents and to open immediately and/or refrigerate. We are not responsible for when the facility issues the items or how they store it. 


Most of our items are bulk which end up saving our Customers money. We also offer Shop-2-Box which allows you to shop at one of our retail partners. We assign one of our Kare Krate Boxer Associates to pick up your order. This allows you to customize your order if you'd like.